Entry #1

Hey NG!

2009-06-05 02:32:59 by carlohmf

This is carlohmf saying hi! I'll be posting my compositions in the Audio Portal once my first submission, "Distant Homeland," gets approved. I only started composing music about 2 years ago so I still got a lot to learn. I use Noteworthy Composer to make MIDI files and then I optimize them and convert them to WAV with- can't tell you that, it's a secret. XD I do not use MIDI converters with soundfont nor do I use MIDI converters that record through stereo mix.

Enough with personal musician background stuff... time for some randomness.

"i'm not a skinner, i'm not a skinner, i'm not a skinner, i'm not a skinner, i'm not a skinner, i'm not a skinner x 250


That's rtnario denying he is a skinner. XD

Anyway, I look forward to submitting and sharing my compositions to you all. :D

- carlohmf


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2009-06-05 04:15:10

That's quite some nice linking you have there.

Welcome to NG. Post something epic so I can fave it already :<

carlohmf responds:

*bans user for pm'ing something evul*

Kidding aside, thanks for the welcome. =)

You mean epic *ehemdimensionfinal* epic? XD